November 18, 2015

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hello people!

I know I have not been updating anything at all for the past months because I am so caught up with work.

I basically need help from all you readers. I was thinking to start a new blog and it's gonna be more on makeup, fashion, lifestyle and those sorts of stuff. So, I was thinking, should I or shouldn't I start a new blog?

And if I should, what kind of name should I put for myself? I was thinking of F&B. Maybe you guys will be like, WHAAAAT?!! But, F&B stands for two things for me, Fashion and Beauty AND also Food&Beverages. So, you guys will definitely get the idea of where I'm heading to now.

Why do I want to do a beauty blog/fashion blog? Because I have been in a relationship with makeup/fashion for so long more than guys I've dated. Plus, since I am stabil and working and been keeping enough money for meself, I get to spend more on my so-called "needs".

I will be updating the new blog 3-4 times a week. I have not decided on the day yet but will definitely update the new blog constantly.

So, any suggestions for my PUBLIC name for blog? Let me know! Thanks!

P/S : I am actively on Snapchat. -nasrinangasri-  Add me and I'll follow. :)

September 3, 2015

bareMinerals, Caudalie, H&M

Well, the title might be confusing but please, keep reading before you close this one out.

I received an email from Sephora on 11th Aug and they are doing a Member Sweet Spot promotion and this offer are for BLACK CARD MEMBERS ONLY and it seems that it is made for new members that has just been "upgraded" from White card to Black card. I was interested in buying one of these ( below) but I was more attracted to the bareMinerals : Bareskin Beauty. I actually saved some $$ to buy these two babies but then I remember that I have other needs to fulfill when all of the stuff that I bought lately is WHAT I WANT, NOT WHAT I NEED! :(

So, I decided to stopped by at Sephora KLCC to see what they have been stocking up because as far as I know, Sephora in Malaysia will stock up their things at the beginning of every month. So, I was searching for the bareMinerals set, yet I failed to find them. I make a quick trip to Sephora in Avenue K *maybe I spent more than half an hour* and BAAAM! There is the bareMinerals Bareskin Beauty Set! *heavy breathing at that particular moment*. So, I asked one of the MUAsisstant there to help me to find my correct shade. I owned two of the bareMinerals foundation, one is the original foundation which I really really really LOVEE and another one is the ready foundation, which I was quite dissapointed of buying because it doesn't really work for me and it looks a little patchy. I want the Bareskin to work for me because I LOVE MINERAL MAKEUP especially bareMinerals! The MUAsisstant asked me to take off my makeup at the area of my cheeks because, of course I need to try it on first! When she put the foundation on the area of my cheeks, I was blown away by the flawless finish it gives! I did not think twice to get it. I quickly grabbed it and put it in my basket. I also took my all time favorite nude liner from NYX and something new for me, Caudalie Grape Water.

Let me show you guys when I was "unboxing" the bareMinerals set! I forgot to swatch the color foundation on my hands and sorry for the bad quality picture. *only using my Xperia Z1 to take all these pictures.*

This is how the box really looks like before I unpacked them. So pretty that I dont even want to open them up.

An instruction and details about the products including the ingredient list!

This is the cute little foundation and it is said on the box (if I'm not mistaken) that this small tube of foundation  can last until 45 days.

THE PERFECTING FACE BRUSH! This is what I am actually looking for guys! 

This is the mini Perfecting Vail. So cute. 

Behold! The bareMinerals : Bareskin Beauty!

So, (below) is the Claudalie Grape Water. I've tried it yesterday and this morning too. It is actually a toner because I thought it was just a face mist like Evian but I was wrong. Read the reviews and many said that this is their "holy-grail". I wore this yesterday after my toner and moisturizer mixed with my Tarte Maracuja Oil and I cannot believe that my skin really looks so pretty this morning. I did my makeup earlier in the morning and I sprayed it on my face and even until now, my face does not look oily AT ALL!! Holy-grail for me too? Maybe. :)

It soothes, refreshes and hydrates the skin!

Why H&M?? Well, because I stopped by at H&M too yesterday after I go crazy in Sephora. I was looking for a nice skirt that I can use for work and I was trying on some stuff that I shouldn't and it makes me want to buy many but I managed to control myself and then when I was walking around like a maniac alone inside the store, BAMMMM!!! HEAVY BREATHING FOR 10 SECONDS! H&M MAKUP BRUSHES??? THEY ARE FINALLY HERE IN MALAYSIA!! I was googling them for the past 3 months and I was hoping that they will bring it over here and they did like a couple of weeks ago! STILL NEW!! I cannot help myself but to invest and try these babies out as their reviews is so-so only. I wanted to try them out and have my own thoughts about it.

I am not sure whether you guys can find these brushes at other H&M stores but I bought mine at Avenue K. The showcase was just nice for all these babies. There are two version of these brushes. One is white and one more is black. I personally think, I know why they have 2 version of the brushes. The white version - for starters and the black version - for professional.

The white version - combined brushes, like the buffer and blusher brush, powder and foundation brush.

Black version - single brushes, like the angled blusher brush, flat foundation brush, eyeliner brush.

So, I decided to buy these instead since I think I need them! HAHA! Did I say need? Maybe just because I want!

I picked up the pro and starter brushes. L to R : Black Version : Angled Defining Brush. White Version : Brow and Lash Brush and Buffer and Blusher  Brush.

The Black Version has more density and it is perfect for wingliner. As for the other two, the brushes, it feels more synthetic-cally on my hand.

I will definite come back to review on each item I bought yesterday so you guys can see the review on my side too. :)

That is all for my post today! That is the only thing Im going to say for now and I will definitely be back with the review on every single thing I bought especially that Bareminerals Bareskin foundation! I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.

Take care beautiful(s)!

September 1, 2015

Tea + Detox = TEATOX!

Hello beautiful(s)!

It's all gonna be about detoxing! Or some of you would prefer to call it,"cleansing". To be honest, I do not know so much of this teatox or detox/cleansing the right way. All I know is that, drinking green tea has its own benefit like, flush out toxins, lower the risk of getting cancer, burn fats easily and stuff like that.

Since like a year ago ( I AM SO FREAKING LATE TO GET INFO ABOUT EVERYTHING!!), I have seen many people on Instagram and blogs (not in Malaysia, of course) rave(d) about this new method of detoxing which is, teatoxing. I was so keen to try everything and when I go and search up for all this, and guess what, all of them are mainly based in USA/EUROPE, which everything will cost much more expensive plus the shipping too (for me, of course because I don't earn much!). But then, I found out that about SkinnyMint and they actually do free shipping to Malaysia. Every single time, I tried to order, my card always have an error. Its like they want me to wait and not purchase it yet.


Let me brief you guys what teatox is all about *after all the research I've done last minute*!

Basically, TeaTox is the same as detoxing but the main purpose for TEATOX-ing is to lose weight, detox, burn fat and cleanse. AGAIN, it is the same as detoxing but their main purpose is different. Most of these teatox products in the market right now will consists of morning boost and night cleanse which they have 14 days (for trial) and 28 days of teatoxing and they have certain rules or guide, I must say, that you need to follow.

For example, SkinnyMint, they offer both 14 and 28 days of teatoxing and each teatox program will cost you about RM 94.90 for 14 days and RM 169.90 for 28 days program and they offer you free shipping as well. There will be  a guide that you need to follow to achieve what they have planned out for both of these teatox programs. They would definitely recommend you to go for their 28 Day Ultimate Teatox as this will give you the best result. Both teatox programs consists of Morning Boost and Night Cleanse, which the Morning Boost you need to take every single morning and the Night Cleanse every two nights. Some say that they really work as they can reduce the bloating. * many of us especially women do not like stomach bloating*. When you are doing this program, you should not be consuming/taking coffee as it is the same as the usual normal/black coffee for the Morning Boost. *as what the website says*

So, if you guys wanna know more, you can Google the benefit of teatoxing and also, check out other Teatox brands that are so hot in the market right now like, SkinnyBunnyTea, Skinny TeaTox, BooTea, TinyTea and so many other brands!

The reason why I want to write this specific post is because I just purchased mine! I have never been this excited when I lay my hands on these babies! After all those hardwork of searching and patiently waiting for reviews and do more research, I finally decided to buy from local people who sells this Teatox program directly in Malaysia itself. And, Alhamdulillah! I found one trusted seller from Instagram, SkinnyFitTea. They are way affordable + free shipping too and many have been giving good feedback(s) about them! You can check out their Instagram and see the feedbacks on their page itself! I just ordered mine last Wednesday and I got them today. I have no problem in terms of waiting for the product because I am just that patient. The person who I liaise with is very friendly and really easy to communicate with as she takes time to reply every single person while doing her work at the same time.

Look at the cute and colorful packaging!

Because I am so excited and "un-patiently" -broken english-, *at least you guys know what I'm trying to say here!*

She told me to use a mug and pour hot boiling water and let the "leaves" swim in there for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I don't have a mug in the office but what the hell... I just used my normal INVISIBLE GLASS instead and watched the leaves "bloom", it is an amazing feeling to see it "bloom". The smell is quite good though, not like those green tea dust smell. The taste, not your average green tea taste. HAHA. I don't know about you guys but my tastebuds says that they taste more like Chinese tea which is not that bitter. It has a mild taste though which is very comforting. :)

Watching the leaves "bloom"

This is the 28 Day Teatox Program and you need to drink it after breakfast and lunch. Night Detox, for every 2 nights. No coffee or milk when you're on this teatox program! PERSISTENCE is the key! And plus, some exercise will do to maximise the "slimming" effects. It won't work if you guys are sitting on that lazy couch and be eating 'dem chicken nuggets while detoxing. -___-"

I'll consider this as my first day of detoxing! I mean, TEATOXING! Will definitely update you guys after a week about what has been change as I will take before and after photos as well. I just can't wait to update you guys about this! I hope this helps and to any of you who are so keen to try these products, please go ahead and google the products that I listed earlier or just check out their Instagram/Facebook instead! SkinnyFitTea (Facebook) and SkinnyFitTea (Instagram).


June 19, 2015

Ramadhan Kareem

It really has been such a long time since I actually update my blog. Kinda' miss it.

It's not that I don't have time to update the blog but, I have been busy working and plus I am (super super) active on my other social networking sites, like Facebook, Tumblr ( not really) and Instagram. I am kinda' slow with my Twitter because I just don't know what to post or tweet there since most of my followers contains with so many kids aged between 16-20. Anyways, I am happy that I am back here.

There's a lot of things that I just want write but my brain is full of words and sentences and stories, which I can't just burst it all out here. I will definitely update my blog when I got the time to do that.

To be exact, today is the second day of Ramadhan. The first day of fasting was quite okay. I was just too sleepy since I slept only like 3 hours. The headache and that sleepiness just makes me wanna go off bad mood since I can't drink coffee but hey, I have a good control of myself and make myself happy by seeing cute baby animals. *that will just cheers me up instantly* *Yes, I am weird like that*
Thank God that I can go back at 4.30PM and reached home way more earlier than I thought I would be. Food was good yesterday. I didn't even bother to take a picture of what I eat and I can't believe I actually ate a lot. Well, I have been eating a lot lately and I even ditched my workout sesh that I have been doing for 3 months! Will definitely get back in shape soon! Easy workouts like Butt Training, Arm Training for at least 15 minutes before half an hour to break the fast.

Well, I guess that will be the end of today's post! Will write some more tomorrow or any day. Happy Ramadhan guys!

November 1, 2013

Process & Progressing.

Hello lovelies. I've been busy working lately and I've no time to on the internet. I miss you internet. I dont have time to write any reviews on the local product that I have tried but its okay. Will do that once I am totally free. 

I am working somewhere in Ampang. That company is really huge, I can tell you that. This is my first time working in a big corporate company. It's quite hard but as time pass by, I am learning new thing each day and I have to do reserach about all these big bosses in UAE or GCC. 

Stress level is very high but in the office itself, all my office mates are so nice and kind. They always motivate each other in a lot of way. Trust me, this is whole different level of experience as a newbie. I love what I'm doing now. It's a learning process and I am actually quite scared if I make mistakes but they told me that making mistakes here is for everyone. Every single day is a  learning process. 

Insyaallah, I hope this job will take me forward to achieve my dream and what I've been longing for. 

P/S : Happy Anniversary, Sayang! Keep moving on and dont stop Rockin' Rollaaaahhh! :) I love you, Mr.BF.